2020               Othmer Gold Medal from the Science History Institute

2019               Royal Medal A from the Royal Society

2019               Stein and Moore Award from the Protein Society

2019               Novozymes Prize from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

2018               Field and Franklin Award from the American Chemical Society

2017               Hans Krebs Medal from the FEBS

2016               Astra Zeneca Award from the Biochemical Society

2016               Torbern Bergmann Award from the Swedish Chemical Society

2015               Havinga Medal from the Havinga Foundation

2015               Women in Science Award form L’Oreal-UNESCO

2014               Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Prize from the Carlsberg Research Center

2014               Thomson Medal Award from the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation

2013               Anatrace Award for Membrane Proteins from the Biophysical Society USA

2012               Distinguished Achievement in Proteomic Sciences from HUPO

2011               Interdisciplinary Prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry

2011               Woman of the Year Award from FEBS/EMBO

2011               Aston Medal from the British Mass Spectrometry Society

2010               Davy Medal from the Royal Society

2010               Prelog Medal from ETH, Zurich

2008               Anfinsen Award from the Protein Society

2004               Rosalind Franklin Award from the Royal Society

2003               Biemann Medal from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

2002              Silver Medal from the Royal Society of Chemistry for Mass Spectrometry



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