Publications from 2012

S. E.  Rollauer, M. J. Tarry,  J. E. Graham, M.  Jaaskelainen, F. Jager, S. Johnson,
M. Krehenbrink, S. M. Liu,  M. J. Lukey,  J. Marcoux, M. A. McDowell, F. Rodriguez, P. Roversi,  P. J Stansfeld, C. V. Robinson, M. S. P.  Sansom,  T. Palmer, M. Hogbom, B. C. Berks and S. M. Lea
Structure of the Tat C core of the twin-arginine protein transport system.
Nature  2012, 492(7428), 210-214

M. J. Webb, S. Deroo, C. V. Robinson and N. Bampos
Host-guest interactions in acid-porphyrin complexes.
Chem Commun  2012, 48(75), 9358-9360.

F. Stengel, R. Aebersold and C. V. Robinson
Joining forces: Integrating proteomics and cross-linking with the mass spectrometry of intact complexes.
Mol Cell Proteomics 2012, 11(3).

R.  Salbo, M. F. Bush,  H. Naver,  I. Campuzano, C. V. Robinson, I. Pettersson,
T. J. D.Jorgensen and K. F. Haselmann
Traveling-wave ion mobility mass spectrometry of protein complexes: accurate calibrated collision cross-sections of human insulin oligomers.
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom  2012, 26(10), 1181-1193.

C. V. Robinson, M. R. Elkins, K. M. Bialkowski, D. J. Thornton and M. A. Kertesz
Desulfurization of mucin by Pseudomonas aeruginosa: influence of sulfate in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients.
J Med Microbiol  2012, 61(12), 1644-1653.

C. V. Robinson
Finding the right balance - a personal journey from individual proteins to membrane-embedded motors based on a lecture delivered at the 36th FEBS Congress in Torino, Italy, June 2011.
FEBS J  2012, 279(5), 663-677.

O. W. Nadeau, L. A  Lane, D. Xu, J. Sage, T. S.  Priddy, A. Artigues, M. T.  Villar, Q. Yang,
C. V. Robinson, Y. Zhang and G. M.Carlson
Structure and location of the regulatory beta subunits in the (alpha beta gamma delta)(4) phosphorylase kinase complex.
J Biol Chem  2012, 287(44), 36651-36661.

N.  Morgner and C. V. Robinson
Linking structural change with functional regulation - insights from mass spectrometry.
Curr Opin Struct Biol  2012,  22 (1), 44-51.N.

N. Morgner and C. V. Robinson
Massign: An assignment strategy for maximizing information from the mass spectra of heterogeneous protein assemblies.
Anal Chem  2012, 84(6), 2939-2948.

N. Morgner, F. Montenegro, N. P.  Barrera and C. V.  Robinson
Mass spectrometry-from peripheral proteins to membrane motors.
J Mol Biol  2012, 423(1), 1-13.

L. A. Lane, O. W.  Nadeau, G. M. Carlson and C. V. Robinson
Mass spectrometry reveals differences in stability and subunit interactions between activated and nonactivated conformers of the (alpha beta gamma delta)(4) phosphorylase kinase complex.
Mol Cell Proteomics  2012, 11(12), 1768-1776.

A. I. Lamond, M. Uhlen, S.  Horning, A. Makarov, C. V.  Robinson, L. Serrano, F. U.  Hartl,
W.  Baumeister, A. K. Werenskiold, J. S. Andersen, O. Vorm, M. Linial, R. Aebersold and
M. Mann
Advancing cell biology through proteomics in space and time (PROSPECTS).
Mol Cell Proteomics  2012, 11(3), O112.017731.

Z. Hall and C. V. Robinson
Do charge state signatures guarantee protein conformations?
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom  2012, 23(7), 1161-1168.

Z. Hall,  A. Politis and C. V. Robinson
Structural modeling of heteromeric protein complexes from disassembly pathways and ion mobility-mass spectrometry.
Structure 2012, 20(9), 1596-1609.

Z. Hall,  A. Politis,  M. F.  Bush,  L. J. Smith and C. V. Robinson
Charge-state dependent compaction and dissociation of protein complexes: Insights from ion mobility and molecular dynamics.
J Am Chem Soc  2012, 134(7), 3429-3438.

W. Ge, A. Wolf, T. S.  Feng, C. H.  Ho, R.  Sekirnik, A. Zayer, N.  Granatino, M. E. Cockman,
C.  Loenarz, N. D.  Loik, A. P. Hardy, T. D. W. Claridge, R. B.  Hamed, R.  Chowdhury,
L.Z.  Gong, C. V.  Robinson, D. C. Trudgian, M. Jiang, M. M.  Mackeen, J. S.  McCullagh,
Y. Gordiyenko, A. Thalhammer, A. Yamamoto, M. Yang, P. Liu-Yi, Z. H. Zhang,
M. Schmidt-Zachmann, B. M. Kessler, P. J. Ratcliffe, G. M. Preston, M. L. Coleman and
C. J. Schofield
Oxygenase-catalyzed ribosome hydroxylation occurs in prokaryotes and humans.
Nat Chem Biol  2012, 8(12), 960-962.

J.  Freeke,  M. F.  Bush, C. V.  Robinson and B. T. Ruotolo
Gas-phase protein assemblies: Unfolding landscapes and preserving native-like structures using noncovalent adducts.
Chem Phys Lett  2012, 524, 1-9.

M. Q. Fan, T. Rao, E. Zacco, M. T.  Ahmed, A.  Shukla, A. Ojha,  J Freeke, C. V.  Robinson,
J. L.  Benesch and P. A. Lund
The unusual mycobacterial chaperonins: evidence for in vivo oligomerization and specialization of function.
Mol Microbiol  2012, 85 (5), 934-944.

S.  Deroo, S. J.  Hyung, J.  Marcoux, Y.  Gordiyenko, R. K.  Koripella, S.  Sanyal and
C. V. Robinson
Mechanism and rates of exchange of L7/L12 between ribosomes and the effects of binding
ACS Chem Biol  2 012, 7(6), 1120-1127.

I. Campuzano, M. F.  Bush, C. V.  Robinson, C.  Beaumont, K.  Richardson, H. Kim and
H. I.  Kim
Structural characterization of drug-like compounds by ion mobility mass spectrometry: comparison of theoretical and experimentally derived nitrogen collision cross sections.
Anal Chem 2012, 84(2), 1026-1033.

C.R. Buttner, M. Chechik, M. Ortiz-Lombardia, C. Smits, I.O. Ebong, V. Chechik, G. Jeschke,
E. Dykeman, S. Benini, C.V. Robinson, J.C. Alonso and A. A. Antson
Structural basis for DNA recognition and loading into a viral packaging motor.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA  2012, 209(3), 811-816.

M. F.  Bush, I. Campuzano and C. V. Robinson
Ion mobility mass spectrometry of peptide ions: Effects of drift gas and calibration strategies.
Anal Chem 2012, 84(16), 7124-7130.

G. D. Brand,  R. Salbo, T. J. D.  Jorgensen, C. Bloch,  E. B.  Erba, C. V.  Robinson, I.  Tanjoni, A. M. Moura-da-Silva, P.  Roepstorff, G. B.  Domont, J.  Perales, R. H. Valenteh and
A. G. C. Neves-Ferreirah
The interaction of the antitoxin DM43 with a snake venom metalloproteinase analyzed by mass spectrometry and surface plasmon resonance.
J Mass Spectrom 2012, 47(5), 567-573.

A. J. Borysik and C. V. Robinson
The 'sticky business' of cleaning gas-phase membrane proteins: a detergent oriented perspective. Phys Chem Chem Phys  2012, 14(42), 14439-14449.

A. J.  Borysik and C. V.  Robinson
Formation and dissociation processes of gas-phase detergent micelles.
Langmuir  2012, 28(18), 7160-7167.2011

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