Publications 2013

M. R. Puno, N. A. Patel, S. G. Møller, C. V. Robinson, P. C. E. Moody and M. Odell
Structure of Cu(l)-bound DJ-1 reveals a biscysteinate metal binding site at the homodimer interface: Insights into mutational inactivation of DJ-1 in Parkinsonism.
J Am Chem Soc 2013, 135(43), 15974-15977

J. T. Hopper,  Y. T. Yu, D. Li, A. Raymond, M. Bostock, I. Liko, V. Mikhailov, A. Laganowsky, J. L. Benesch, M. Caffrey, D. Nietlispach and C. V. Robinson
Detergent-free mass spectrometry of membrane protein complexes.
Nat Methods 2013, 10(12), 1206-1208

C. Rouillon, M. Zhou, J. Zhang, A. Politis, V. Beisten-Edmands, G. Cannone, S. Graham, C. V. Robinson, L. Spagnolo and M. F. White
Structure of the CRISPR interface complex CSM reveals key similarities with cascade.
Mol Cell 2013, 52(1), 124-134.

C. Behrens, B. Binotti, C. Schmidt, C. V. Robinson, J. J. Chua and K. Kühnel.
Crystal structure of the human short coiled coil protein and insights into SCOC-FEZ1 complex formation.
PLoS One 2013, 8(10), e76355.

R. Parkhouse, I. O. Ebong, C. V. Robinson and T. P. Monie
The N-terminal region of the human autophagy protein ATG16L1 contains a domain that folds into a helical structure consistent with formation of a coiled-coil.
PLoS One 2013, 8(9), e76237.

J. Marcoux and C. V. Robinson
Twenty years of gas phase structural biology.
Structure 2013, 21(9), 1541-1550.

S. L. Rouse, J. Marcoux, C. V. Robinson and M. S. Sansom
Dodecyl maltoside protects membrane proteins in vacuo.
Biophys J 2013, 105(3), 648-656.

E. de Genst, P. H. Chan, E. Pardon, S. T. Hsu, J. R. Kumita, J. Christodoulou, L. Menzer, D. Y. Chirgadze, C. V. Robinson, S. Muyldermans, A. Matagne, L. Wyns, C. M. Dobson and M. Dumoulin
A nanobody binding to non-amyloidogenic regions of the protein human lysozyme enhances partial unolding but inhibits amyloid fibril formation.
J Phys Chem B 2013, 117(42), 13245-13258.

C. J. Millard, P. J. Watson, I. Celardo, Y. Gordiyenko, S. M Cowley, C. V. Robinson, L. Fairall and J. W. R. Schwabe 
Class 1 HDACs share a common mechanism of regulation by inositol phosphates.
Mol Cell 2013, 1(51), 57-67.

M. B. van Eldijk, I. van Leewen, V. A. Mikhailov, L. Neijenhuis, H. R. Harhangi, J. C. van Hest, M. S. Jetten, H. J. op den Camp, C. V. Robinson and J. Mecinovic
Evidence that the catenane form of CS2 hydrolase is not an artefact.
Chem Commun (Camb) 2013, 49(71), 7770-7772.

Z. Hall, H. Hernández, J. A Marsh, S. A Teichmann and C. V.  Robinson
The role of salt bridges, charge density and subunit flexibility in determining disassembly routes of protein complexes.
Structure 2013, 21(8), 1325-1337.

N. G. Housden, J. T. Hopper, N. Lukoyanova, D. Rodriguez-Larrea, J. A. Wojdyla, A. Klein, R. Kaminska, H. Bayley, H. R. Saibil, C. V. Robinson and C. Kleanthous
Intrinsically disordered protein threads through the bacterial outer-membrane porin OmpF.
Science 2013, 340(6140), 1570-1574.

C. Schmidt, M. Zhou, H. Marriott, N. Morgner, A. Politis and C. V. Robinson
Comparative cross-linking and mass spectrometry of an intact F-type ATPase suggest a role for phosphorylation.
Nat Commun 2013, 4, 1985.

J. Marcoux, S.C. Wang, A. Politis, E. Reading, J. Ma, P.C. Biggin, M. Zhou, H. Tao, Q. Zhang, G. Chang, N. Morgner and C. V. Robinson
Mass spectrometry reveals synergistic effects of nucleotides, lipids and drugs binding to a multidrug resistance efflux pump.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013, 24(110), 9704-9709.

A. Politis, A. Y Park, Z. Hall, B. T. Ruotolo and C. V. Robinson
Integrative modelling coupled with ion mobility mass spectrometry reveals structural features of the clamp loader in complex with single-stranded DNA binding protein.
J Mol Biol 2013, 425(23), 4790-4801

A. J. Borysik, D. J. Hewitt and C. V. Robinson
Detergent release prolongs the lifetime of native-like membrane protein conformations in the gas phase.
J Am Chem Soc 2013, 135(16), 6078-6083.

J. A. Marsh, H. Hernández, Z. Hall, S. E. Ahnert, T.Perica, C. V. Robinson and S. A. Teichmann
Protein complexes are under evolutionary selection to assemble via ordered pathways.
Cell 2013, 153(2), 461-470.

A. Laganowsky, E. Reading, J. T. Hopper and C. V. Robinson
Mass spectrometry of intact membrane protein complexes.
Nat Protoc  2013, 8(4), 639-651.

S. C. Lee, B. C. Bennett, W. X. Hong, Y. Fu, K. A. Baker, J. Marcoux, C. V. Robinson, A. B. Ward, J. R. Halpert, R. C. Stevens, C. D. Stout, M. J. Yeager and Q. Zhang
Steroid-based facial amphiphiles for stabilization and crystallization of membrane proteins
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013, 110(13), E1203-E1211.

D. Rozbesky, Z. Sovova, J. Marcoux, P. Man, R. Ettrich, C. V. Robinson and P. Novak
Structural model of lymphocyte receptor NKR-P1C revealed by mass spectrometry and molecular modeling.
Anal Chem 2013, 85(3), 1597-1604.

J. A. Marsh, H. Hernández, Z. Hall, S. E. Ahnert, T. Perica, C. V. Robinson and S. A. Teichmann
Structural and evolutionary dynamics facilitate ordered protein complex assembly. 
Biophys J 2013, 104: 391A.

K. Pagel, E. Natan, Z. Hall, A. R. Fersht and C. V. Robinson
Intrinsically disordered p53 and its complexes populate compact conformations in the gas phase.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2013, 52(1), 361-365.

F. A. Aprile, A. Dhulesia, F. Stengel, C. Roodveldt, J. L. Benesch, P. Tortora, C. V. Robinson, X. Salvatella, C. M. Dobson and N. Cremades
Hsp70 oligomerization is mediated by an interaction between the interdomain linker and the substrate-binding domain.
PLoS One 2013, 8(6), e67961.

N. P. Barrera, M. Zhou and C. V. Robinson
The role of lipids in defining membrane protein interactions: insights from mass spectrometry.
Trends Cell Biol 2013 23(1), 1–8.

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