Publications 2015

C. Pliotas, A. C. Dahl, T. Rasmussen, K. R. Mahendran, T. K. Smith, P. Marius, J. Gault, T. Banda, A. Rasmussen, S. Miller, C. V. Robinson, H. Bayley, M. S. Sansom, I. R. Booth, and J. H. Naismith The role of lipids in mechanosensation. 
Nat Struct Mol Biol 2015 22(12): 991-998

P. P. Mangione, S. Deroo, S. Ellmerich, V. Bellotti, S. Kolstoe, S.P. Wood, C. V. Robinson, M. D. Smith, et al. 
Bifunctional crosslinking ligands for transthyretin. 
Open Biology 2015, 5(9): 150105.

M. Landreh, I. Liko, P. Uzdavinys, M. Coincoin, J. T. Hopper, D. Drew and C. V. Robinson
Controlling release, unfolding and dissociation of membrane protein complexes in the gas phase cooling. 
Chem Commun 2015, 51(85):15582-15584

V. A. Mikhailov, F. Stahlberg, A. K. Clarke and C. V. Robinson 
Dual stoichiometry and subunit organization in the ClpP1/P2 protease from the cyanobacterium synechococcus elongates.
J Struct Biol2015, 192(3): 519-527

S. E. Ahnert, J. A. Marsh, H. Hernández, C. V. Robinson and S. A. Teichmann 
Principles of assembly reveal a periodic table of protein complexes. 
Science 2015, 350(6266): aaa2245

V. E. Fadouloglou, H. T. Lin, G. Tria, H. Hernández, C. V. Robinson, D. I. Svergun and B. F. Luisi 
Maturation of 6S regulatory RNA to a highly elongated structure. 
FEBS J 2015, 282(23): 4548-4564

J. A. Wojdyla, E. Cutts, R. Kaminska, G. Papadakos, J. T. Hopper, P. J. Stansfeld, D. Staunton, C. V. Robinson and C. Kleanthous Structure and function of the Escherichia coli Tol-Pal stator protein TolR. 
J. Biol Chem 2015, 290(44): 26675-87

T. Allison, E. Reading, I. Liko, A. J. Baldwin, A. Laganoski and C. V. Robinson 
Quantifying the stabilizing effects of protein-ligand interactions in the gas phase. 
Nat Commun 2015, 6: 8551

V. Beilsten-Edmands, Y. Gordiyenko, J. C .K. Kung, S. Mohammed, C. Schmidt and C. V. Robinson 
eIF2 interactions with initiator tRNA and eIF2B are regulated by post-translational modifications and conformational dynamics. 
Cell Discovery 2015, 1: 1502

J. Marcoux, P. P. Mangione, R. Porcari, M. T. Degiacomi, G. Verona, G. W. Taylor, S. Giorgetti, S. Raimondi, S. Sanglier-Cianférani, J. L. P. Benesch, C. Cecconi, M. M.Naqvi, J. D. Gillmore, P. N. Hawkins, M. Stoppini, C. V. Robinson, M. B. Pepys and V. Bellotti 
A novel mechano-enzymatic cleavage mechanism underlies transthyretin amyloidogenesis. 
EMBO Mol Med 2015, 7(10):1337-1349

C. Schmidt, V. Beilsten-Edmands and C. V. Robinson
The joining of the Hsp90 and Hsp70 chaperone cycles yields transient interactions and stable intermediates: insights from mass spectrometry. 
Oncotarget 2015, 6(21): 18276-18281

L. Lercher, R. Raj, N. A. Patel, J. Price, S. Mohammed, C. V. Robinson, C. J. Schofield and B. G. Davis 
Generation of a synthetic GlcNAcylated nucleosome reveals regulation of stability by H2A-Thr101 GlcNAcylation. 
Nat Commun 2015, 6: 797

P. E. Chappell, L. I. Garner, J. Yan, C. Metcalfe, D. Hatherley, S. Johnson, C. V. Robinson, S. M. Lea and M. H. Brown Structures of CD6 and its ligand CD166 give insight into their interaction. Structure 2015, 23(8): 1426-1436

K. B. Rogala, N. J. Dynes, G. N. Hatzopoulos, J. Yan, S. K. Pong, C. V. Robinson, C. M. Deane, P. Gönczy and I. Vakonakis The Caenorhabditis elegans protein SAS-5 forms large oligomeric assemblies critical for centriole formation.
E-life 2015, 4: e07410

E. Reading, T. A. Walton, I. Liko, M. T. Marty, A. Laganowsky, D. C. Rees and C. V. Robinson 
The effect of detergent, temperature and lipid on the oligomeric state of MscL constructs: Insights from mass spectrometry. 
Chem Biol 2015, 22(5): 593-603

M. A. Halili, P. Bachu, F. Lindahl, C. Bechara, B. Mohanty, R. C. Reid, M. J. Scanlon, C. V. Robinson, D. P. Fairlie and J. L. Martin
Small molecule inhibitors of disulphide bond formation by the bacterial DsbA-DsbB dual enzyme system. 
ACS Chem Biol 2015, 10(4): 957-964

C. Bechara and C. V. Robinson 
Different modes of lipid binding to membrane proteins probed by mass spectrometry.
J Am Chem Soc 2015, 137(16): 5240-5247

E. G. Marklund, M. T. Degiacomi, C. V. Robinson, A. J. Baldwin and J. L. P. Benesch 
Collision cross sections for structural proteomics.
Structure 2015, 23(4):791-799

E. Reading, I. Liko, T. M. Allison, J. L. P. Benesch, A. Laganowsky and C. V Robinson 
The role of the detergent micelle in preserving the structure of membrane proteins in the gas phase.
Angew Chem Int Ed 2015, 54(15): 4577-4581

L. Urnavicius, K. Zhang, A. G. Diamant, C. Motz, M. A. Schlager, M. Yu, N. A. Patel, C. V. Robinson and A. P. Carter 
The structure of the dynactin complex and its interaction with dynein.
Science 2015, 347(6229): 1441-1446

M. T. Marty, A. J. Baldwin, E. G. Marklund, G. K. Hochberg, J. L. P. Benesch and C. V. Robinson
Bayesian deconvolution of mass and ion mobility spectra: from binary interactions to polydisperse ensembles.
Anal Chem 2015, 87(8): 4370-4376

C. Bechara, A. Nöll, N. Morgner, M. T. Degiacomi R. Tampé and C. V. Robinson 
A subset of annular lipids is linked to the flippase activity of an ABC transporter. 
Nat Chem 2015, 7(3): 255-262

M. Landreh and C. V. Robinson 
A new window into the molecular physiology of membrane proteins. 
J Physiol 2015, 593(2): 355-362

N. Morgner, C. Schmidt, V. Beilsten-Edmands, I. O. Ebong, N. A. Patel, E. M. Clerico, E. Kirschke, S. Daturpalli, S. E. Jackson, D. Agard and C. V. Robinson 
Hsp70 forms antiparallel dimers stabilized by post-translational modifications to position clients for transfer to Hsp90.
Cell Rep 2015, 11(5): 759-769

Mehmood, T. M. Allison and C. V. Robinson 
Mass spectrometry of protein complexes: From origins to applications.
Annu Rev Phys Chem 2015, 66: 453-474

T. Ochi, A. N. Blackford, J. Coates, S. Jhujh, S. Mehmood, N. Tamura, J. Travers, Q. Wu, V. M. Draviam, C. V. Robinson, T. L. Blundell and S. P. Jackson
DNA repair. PAXX, a paralog of XRCC4 and XLF, interacts with Ku to promote DNA double-strand break repair.
Science 2015, 347(6218): 185-18

S. Trowitzsch, C., Viola, E. Scheer, S. Conic, V. Chavant, M. Fournier, G. Papai, I. O. Ebong, C. Schaffitzel, J. Zou, M. Haffke, J. Rappsilber, C. V. Robinson, P. Schultz, L. Tora and I. Berger 
Cytoplasmic TAF2-TAF8-TAF10 complex provides evidence for nuclear holo-TFIID assembly from preformed submodules.
Nat Commun 2015, 6: 6011

A. Politis, C. Schmidt, E. Tjioe, A. M. Sandercock, K. Lasker, Y. Gordiyenko, D. Russel, A. Sali and C. V. Robinson 
Topological models of heteromeric protein assemblies from mass spectrometry: Application to the yeas elF3:elF5 complex.
Chem Biol 2015, 22(1): 117-128

L. Wawiórka, D. Krokowski, Y. Gordienko, D. Krowarsch, C. V. Robinson, I. Adam, N. Grankowski and M. Tchórzewski 
In vivo formation of Plasmodium falciparum ribosomal stalk – a unique mode of assembly without stable heterodimeric intermediates. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2015, 1850(1): 150-158

L. A. Nematollahi, A. Garza-Garcia, C. Bechara, D. Esposito, N. Morgner, C. V. Robinson and P. C. Driscoll
Flexible stoichiometry and asymmetry of the PIDDosome core complex by heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. 
J Mol Biol 2015, 427(4): 737-752


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