Publications 2016

S. Mehmood, J. Marcoux, J. Gault, A. Quigley, S. Michaelis, S. G. Young, E. P. Carpenter and C. V. Robinson
Mass spectrometry captures off-target drug binding and provides mechanistic insights into the human metalloprotease ZMPSTE24.
Nat Chem, 2016, 8: 1152-1158

F-L Hsieh, L. Turner, J-R Bolla, C. V. Robinson, T. Lavstsen and M. K. Higgins
The structural basis for CD36 binding by the malarial parasite.
Nat Commun 2016, 7: 12837

K. V. Rajasekar, K. Zdanowski K, J. Yan, J. T. Hopper, M. L. Francis, C. Seepersad C, C. Sharp C, L. Pecqueur, J. M. Werner, C. V. Robinson, S. Mohammed, J. R. Potts and C. Kleanthous
The anti-sigma factor RsrA responds to oxidative stress by reburying its hydrophobic core.
Nat Commun, 2016, 7: 12194

I. Liko, M. T. Degiacomi, S. Mohammed, S. Yoshikawa, C. Schmidt and C. V. Robinson
Dimer interface of bovine cytochrome c oxidase is influenced by local posttranslational modifications and lipid binding.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2016, 113(29): 8230-8235

K. K. Hoi, C. V. Robinson and M. T. Marty
Unraveling the composition and behavior of heterogeneous lipid nanodiscs by mass spectrometry.
Anal Chem, 2016, 88(12): 6199-6204

I. Liko, J. T. Hopper, T. M. Allison, J. L. Benesch and C. V. Robinson
Negative ions enhance survival of membrane protein complexes.
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2016, 27(6): 1099-1104

M. Podobnik, P. Savory, N. Rojko, M. Kisovec, N. Wood, R. Hambley, J. Pugh, E. J. Wallace, L. McNeill, M. Bruce, I. Liko, T. M. Allison, S. Mehmood, N. Yilmaz, T. Kobayashi, R. J. Gilbert, C. V. Robinson, L. Jayasinghe and G. Anderluh
Crystal structur of an invertebrate cytolysin pore reveals unique properties and mechanism of assembly.
Nat Commun, 2016, 7:11598

K. Bugge, E. Papaleo, G. W. Haxholm, J. T. Hopper, C. V. Robinson, J. G. Olsen, K. Lindorff-Larsen and B. B. Kragelund
A combined computational and structural model of the full-length human prolactin receptor.
Nat Commun, 2016, 7: 11578

M. Landreh, M. T. Marty, J. Gault and C. V. Robinson
A sliding selectivity scale for limpid binding to membrane proteins.
Curr Opin Struct Biol, 2016, 39: 54-60

T. M. Allison, M. Landreh, J. L. Benesch and C. V. Robinson
Low charge and reduced mobility of membrane protein complexes has implications for calibration of collision cross section measurements. Anal Chem, 2016, in press

I. Liko, J. T. Hopper, T. M. Allison, J. L. Benesch and C. V. Robinson
Negative ions enhance survival of membrane protein complexes. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2016, 27(6): 1099-1104

V. A. Jackson, S. Mehmood, M. Chavent, P. Roversi, M. Carrasquero, D. Del Toro, G. Seyit-Bremer, F. M. Ranaivoson, D. Comoletti, M. S. Sansom, C. V. Robinson, R. Klein and E. Seiradake
Super-complexes of adhesion GPCRs and neural guidance receptors.
Nat Commun, 2016, 7:11184

R. Hendus-Altenburger, E. Pedraz-Cuesta, C. W. Olesen, E. Papaleo, J. A. Schnell, J. T. Hopper, C. V. Robinson, S. F. Pedersen and B. B. Kragelund
The human Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 1 is a membrane scaffold protein for extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2.
BMC Biol, 2016, 14: 31

J. Gault, J. A. Donlan, I. Liko, J. T. Hopper, K. Gupta, N. Housden, W. B. Struwe, M. T. Marty, T. Mize, C. Bechara, Y. Zhu, B. Wu, C. Kleanthous, M. Belov, E. Damoc, A. Makarov and C. V. Robinson
High-resolution mass spectrometry of small molecules bound to membrane proteins.
Nat Methods, 2016, 13(4): 333-336

M. T. Marty, K. K. Hoi, J. Gault and C. V. Robinson
Probing the lipid annular belt by gas-phase dissociation of membrane proteins in nanodiscs.
Angew Chem Int Ed, 2016, 55(2): 550-554

G. Veggiani, T. Nakamura, M. D. Brenner, R. V. Gayet, J. Yan, C. V. Robinson and M. Howarth
Programmable polyproteams built using twin peptide superglues
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2016, 113(5): 1202-1207

Q. Wu, A. Paul, D. Su, S. Mehmood, T. K. Foo, T. Ochi, E. L. Bunting, B. Xia, C. V. Robinson, B. Wang and T. Blundell
Structure of BRCA1-BRCT/Abraxas complex reveals phosphorylation-dependent BRCT dimerization at DNA damage sites.
Mol Cell, 2016, 61(3): 434-448

E. Reading, J. Munoz-Muriedas, A. D. Roberts, G. J. Dear, C. V. Robinson and C Beaumont
Elucidation of drug metabolite structural isomers using molecular modeling coupled with ion mobility mass spectrometry.
Anal Chem, 2016, 88(4):2273-2280

T. B. Parsons, W. B. Struwe, J. Gault, K. Yamamoto, T. A. Taylor, R. Raj, K. Wals, S. Mohammed, C. V. Robinson, J. L. P. Benesch and B. G. Davis
Optimal synthetic glycosylation of a therapeutic antibody.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2016, 55(7): 2361-2367

M. A. McDowell, J. Marcoux, G. McVicker, S. Johnson, Y. H. Fong, R. Stevens, L. A. Bowman, M. T. Degiacomi, J. Yan, A. Wise, M. E. Friede, J. L. P. Benesch, J. E. Deane, C. M. Tang, C. V. Robinson and S. M. Lea
Characterisation of Shigella spa33 and Thermotoga FliM/N reveals a new model for C-ring assembly in T3SS.
Mol Microbiol, 2016, 99(4): 749-766

C. Schmidt, V. Beilsten-Edmands and C. V. Robinson
Insights into eukaryotic translation initiation from mass spectrometry of macromolecular protein assemblies.
J Mol Biol, 2016, 428(2 Pt A): 344-356

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