Publications from 2017

C. Schmidt, V. Beilsten-Edmands, S. Mohammed and C. V. Robinson.
Acetylation and phosphorylation control both local and global stability of the chloroplast F1 ATP synthase.
Sci Rep, 2017, 7: 44068 doi: 10.1038/srep44068

C. V. Robinson.
From molecular chaperones to membrane motors: through the lens of a mass spectrometrist.
Biochem Soc Trans, 2017, 45(1): 251-260  doi: 10.1042/BST20160395

M. Landreh, M. Andersson, E. G. Marklund, Q. Jia. Q. Meng, J. Johansson, C. V. Robinson and A. Rising.
Mass spectrometry captures structural intermediates in protein fiber self-assembly.
Chem Commun, 2017, in press  doi:10.1039/C7CC00307B

A. J. Glenwright, K. R. Pothula, S. P. Bhamidimarri, D. S. Chorev, A. Baslé, S. J. Firbank, H. Zheng, C. V. Robinson, M. Winterhalter, U. Kleinekathöfer, D. N. Bolam and B. van den Berg.
Structural basis for nutrient acquisition by dominant members of the human gut microbiota.
Nature, 2017, 541: 407-411 doi: 10.1038/nature20828

K. Gupta, J. A. Donlan, J. T. Hopper, P. Uzdavinys, M. Landreh, W. B.Struwe, D. Drew, A. J. Baldwin, P.J. Stansfeld, C.V. Robinson.
The role of interfacial lipids in stabilizing membrane protein oligomers.
Nature, 2017, 541: 421-424 doi:10.1038/nature20820

M. Landreh, E. G. Marklund, P. Uzdavinys, M. T. Degiacomi, M. Coincon, J. Gault, K. Gupta, I. Liko J. L. P. Benesch, D. Drew and C. V. Robinson.
Integrating mass spectrometry with MD simulations reveals the role of lipids in Na+/H+ antiporters.
Nat Commun, 2017, 8: 13993 doi:10.1038/ncomms13993

M. Andersson, Q. Jia, A. Abella, X. Y. Lee, M. Landreh, P. Purhonen, H. Hebert, M. Tenje,
C. V. Robinson, Q. Meng, G. R. Plaza, J. Johansson and A. Rising.
Biomimetic spinning of artificial spider silk from a chimeric minispidroin.
Nat Chem Biol. 2017, 3: 262-264. doi: 10.1038/nchembio.2269.

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