Named Lectures

2019      Rayson Huang Visiting Lectureship, Hong Kong

2019      Annual Biophysical Society Lecturer, Baltimore, USA

2018      Joe L Franklin Memorial Lecture, RICE, Houston, USA

2018      Webster Lecture, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

2018      Dame Anne McLaren Lecture, University College London, UK

2018      Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture, University of Cambridge, UK

2018      The Cynthia Ann Chan Lecture, University of California, Berkeley, USA

2018      The Mabel Fitzgerald Lecture, University of Oxford, UK

2018      The Inaugural Annual David James Lecture, University of Cambridge, UK

2017      The Peter Garland Lecture, Dundee, Scotland

2017      The Fritz Lipmann Lecture, GBM Fall Conference, Bochum, Germany

2017      The Hans Krebs Lecture, FEBS, Jerusalem, Israel

2017      Baddiley Lecture, Newcastle University, UK

2017     Georgina Sweet Lecture, Melbourne, Australia

2017     The Frederick Soddy Lecture, Merton College, Oxford, UK

2016     The Astra Zeneca Medal Award Lecture, Biochemistry Society, London, UK

2016     The Harry G. Day Lecture, University of Indiana, USA 

2016     The Torbern Bergman Award Lecture, Umea, Sweden

2016     The Chemistry Anniversary Lecture, University of York, UK

2016     The Royal Institution Discourse, London, UK

2015     The Amgen Lecture, Shanghai, China

2015     The Havinga Medal Lecture, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015     The Irving O Shoichet Lecture, Toronto, Canada

2015     The 2015 Rodney Porter Lecture, Oxford, UK

2015     The L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award Lecture, Sorbonne, Paris, France

2015     The Hobart H. Willard Memorial Lecture, University of Michigan, USA

2014     The Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Award Lecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014     The Daniell Lecture, Kings College London, UK

2014     The Evans Award Lecture, The Ohio State University, USA 

2014     The Cornforth Lecture, University of Sussex, UK

2014     The Thomson Medal Award Lecture, Geneva, Switzerland

2014     The Birch Lecture, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

2014     The Ruth and Eddie Hughes Lecture, California Institute of Technology, USA

2014     The Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture, Oxford, UK

2014     The Burger Lecture, University of Virginia, USA

2013     The Charles E. Dohme Memorial Symposium 2013, Baltimore, USA

2013     The Krebs Lecture, University of Sheffield, UK

2013     The Anatrace Membrane Protein Award Lecture, Philadelphia, USA

2013     The Medawar Lecture, MRC Mill Hill, London, UK

2013     The Clapp Lectures, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA

2013     The Medawar Lecture, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK

2012     The Randall Lecture, Kings College, London, UK

2012     The Dewar Lecture, Queen Mary University, London, UK

2012     The DeLuca lecture, University of California San Diego, USA

2012     The Carlson Lecture, John Hopkins University, USA

2012     EMBL Distinguished Scientist Lecture, Heidelberg, Germany

2012     Alex Hopkins Memorial Lecture, Cambridge, UK

2012     Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative (WiSETI) Lecture, Cambridge

2011     Van’t Hoff Award Lecture, The Royal Academy of Dutch Scientists

2011     Sarkar Lecture, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

2010     Maud Menten Lecture, The University of Western Ontario, Canada

2010     Maurice Wilkins Lecture, University of Auckland, New Zealand

2010     MacColl Lecture BMSS, Cardiff, UK


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