Welcome to the Robinson Research Group webpages.

Our laboratories are located in the Chemistry Department at the University of Oxford and our research is focussed on understanding protein interactions in the gas phase.

To carry out this research we have adapted mass spectrometry instrumentation and methods to transfer protein complexes with as little perturbation as possible as they transition from solution to the gas phase. 

We focussed first on soluble proteins and more recently on membrane embedded assemblies trying to recreate their native environments as closely as possible.  

News & Lectures


Recent News

The European Chemical Society's  2022 Gold Medal  was awarded to Carol this month.  Press release here.

Dr. Leonhard Urner selected for 5 year research programme.  We are delighted to announce that Dr. Leonhard Urner is one of six researchers selected by the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen to receive a 5 year programme grant to further his research into the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance.  The names of the six selected scientists were released at the end of July.

German Press release:   English translation  

Our warmest congratulations to Dr Jani Reddy Bolla, who has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society, University Research Fellowship (URF). More information can be found here.

The 2021 Othmer Gold Medal from the Science History Institute was presented to Carol on Wednesday 5th May during the Institute's Virtual Heritage Day Celebration.   More information here.

Husband and Wife team Corinne Lutomski and Tarick El-Baba talk about their research in developing methods to inhibit the Covid 19 virus using mass spectrometry (see page 12-14 of the Periodic magazine here)

Leonhard Urner presented his work on 'Tailoring detergents for membrane protein research' at the BMSS Virtual Biomacromolecular SIG meeting on the 24th March (details can be found here)

Denis Shutin: Warmest congratulations to Denis who successfully defended his DPhil in January 2021

Fabian Soltermann: Very many congratulations to Fabian who successfully defended his DPhil.  We wish him every success in the future.

The Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery:  Carol is  the first director of the new Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2020-12-03-10-million-gift-new-nanoscience-institute-oxford

Honorary Doctorate: Carol received an Honorary Doctorate from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, this week in a virtual award ceremony.

Welcome: A warm welcome to Dinesh Chinthapalli who joined the Group in November on a Newton Trust Fellowship.

Congratulations: to Leonhard Urner.  Leo won second prize in the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2020 for 'Designer Detergents for Medical Research'  




28th August - 1st September: Science Forum Chemistry (WiFo). Leonhard Urner will be presenting his research on 'Shaping up detergents for drug discovery'. Details can be found here.

7th September: Scripps Research Annual Frontiers in Chemical Biology.
Carol will be giving a virtual lecture in this series, information can be found here.  

13th - 15th September21st RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium
Details of this event, which focuses on first disclosures and new strategies in medicinal chemistry, can be found here   

27th - 30th September: We are delighted to hear that Leonhard Urner has been invited to talk at the ' SFB-GEM Meeting 2021 - Biophysics of Membranes and Beyond'. Details for this virtual event can be found here.

Past Lectures

July 2021:
Babraham Lecture Series, University of Cambridge (

European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA)

June 2021: ACS Publications Symposium:  Innovation in Measurement Science. Lecture: 'New tools to study viruses'  Program – ACS Publications Symposium

May 2021: The 2021 Hinshelwood Lectures, University of Oxford.  A  series of 4 lectures relating to 'A New Phase for Structural Biology'  https://canvas.ox.ac.uk/courses/103045.

Dr. Kin Kuan Hoi presented his work entitled 'Detergent-free lipodisq nanoparticles facilitate high-resolution mass spectrometry of folded integral membrane proteins at the SMALP virtual conference.  Details can be found here.