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Professor Dame Carol Robinson DBE FRS FMedSci

Carol holds the Chair of Dr. Lee’s Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford and is the first Director of the Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery.  She is recognised for using mass spectrometry to further research into the 3D structure of proteins and their complexes.

During her early research Carol developed and applied mass spectrometry to show how protein folding could be monitored in the presence of molecular chaperones. This research prompted her to find new ways to preserve mega Dalton complexes in the gas phase and led her to uncover the heterogeneity and dynamics of numerous multi protein complexes. In recent work she demonstrated the numerous roles played by lipids in regulating the structure and function of membrane protein assemblies.  Her current interest is in uncovering the synergy of lipid and drug binding. With this information she is exploring new ways to characterise receptor-signalling complexes.

Carol’s graduate education was completed whilst working full-time in industry.  She was subsequently admitted to the University of Cambridge where she completed her PhD in two years.  Following an eight-year career break to begin raising her three children, she returned to research at Oxford.  In 2001 she became the first female Professor in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, returning to Oxford in 2009 to take up the Chair of Dr. Lee’s Professor of Chemistry.

Her research has attracted numerous international awards and prizes, the most recent ones including: The Royal Medal A from the Royal Society, the Stein & Moore Award from the Protein Society, the 2019 Novozymes Prize from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Field & Franklin Award from the American Chemical Society.

Carol also holds nine honorary doctorates and four honorary titles, was elected as a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences in 2017, received a DBE in 2013 for her contributions to science and industry and is a past President of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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2023               Elected to the American Philosophical Society 

2021                International Honorary Member of the AAA&S  

2018                President of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2017                Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences

2017                President Elect of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

2013                Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire

2009                Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

2004                Fellow of the Royal Society

2023               John B. Fenn Award for Distinguished Contribution to Mass Spectrometry 

2022               The Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine 

2022               European Chemistry Gold Medal from EuChemS

2022               Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry from the Franklin Institute USA

2021               Academy Prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium 

2021               Othmer Gold Medal from the Science History Institute

2019               Royal Medal A from the Royal Society

2019               Stein and Moore Award from the Protein Society

2019               Novozymes Prize from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

2018               Field and Franklin Award from the American Chemical Society

2017               Hans Krebs Medal from the FEBS

2016               Astra Zeneca Award from the Biochemical Society

2016               Torbern Bergmann Award from the Swedish Chemical Society

2015               Havinga Medal from the Havinga Foundation

2015               Women in Science Award form L’Oreal-UNESCO

2014               Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Prize from the Carlsberg Research Center

2014               Thomson Medal Award from the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation

2013               Anatrace Award for Membrane Proteins from the Biophysical Society USA

2012               Distinguished Achievement in Proteomic Sciences from HUPO

2011               Interdisciplinary Prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry

2011               Woman of the Year Award from FEBS/EMBO

2011               Aston Medal from the British Mass Spectrometry Society

2010               Davy Medal from the Royal Society

2010               Prelog Medal from ETH, Zurich

2008               Anfinsen Award from the Protein Society

2004               Rosalind Franklin Award from the Royal Society

2003               Biemann Medal from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

2002               Silver Medal from the Royal Society of Chemistry for Mass Spectrometry

2022 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Swansea 

2022 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Sussex 

2020 - Honorary Doctorate from the Weizmann Institute of Science 

2019 - Honorary Doctorate from Aarhus University Denmark 

2018 - Honorary Doctorate from Ben-Gurion University 

2017 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southern Denmark 

2017 - Honorary Doctorate from The Open University 

2017 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Huddersfield 

2016 - Honorary Fellowship of Wolfson College Oxford 

2016 - Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

2016 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Liverpool 

2014 - Honorary Professorship from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology 

2013 - Honorary Member of the British Biophysical Society 

2013 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Bristol 

2012 - Honorary Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge 

2010 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of York 

2009 - Honorary Doctorate from the University of Kent 

2022      European Chemistry Gold Medal Award, European Chemistry Congress, Portugal (August)

2022      COMPAA Symposium, USA (June)

2022      McConnell Lecture, Stanford University and Caltech, USA (May)

2022      Franklin Institute Awards, USA  (May)

2022      University of Wisconsin Seminar, Madison, USA (March)

2021      Michael Smith Distinguished Research Lecture, Canada (virtual)

2021      The Redfearn Memorial Lecture, University of Leicester, UK (virtual)

2021      The Jones Lecture, Queens Unversity, Ontario, Canada (virtual)

2021      The Hinshelwood Lectures, University of Oxford, UK

2020      Distinguished Bashour Lecture, UT South Western, USA (virtual)      

2019      Rayson Huang Visiting Lectureship, Hong Kong

2019      Annual Biophysical Society Lecturer, Baltimore, USA

2018      Joe L Franklin Memorial Lecture, RICE, Houston, USA

2018      Webster Lecture, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

2018      Dame Anne McLaren Lecture, University College London, UK

2018      Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture, University of Cambridge, UK

2018      The Cynthia Ann Chan Lecture, University of California, Berkeley, USA

2018      The Mabel Fitzgerald Lecture, University of Oxford, UK

2018      The Inaugural Annual David James Lecture, University of Cambridge, UK

2017      The Peter Garland Lecture, Dundee, Scotland

2017      The Fritz Lipmann Lecture, GBM Fall Conference, Bochum, Germany

2017      The Hans Krebs Lecture, FEBS, Jerusalem, Israel

2017      Baddiley Lecture, Newcastle University, UK

2017     Georgina Sweet Lecture, Melbourne, Australia

2017     The Frederick Soddy Lecture, Merton College, Oxford, UK

2016     The Astra Zeneca Medal Award Lecture, Biochemistry Society, London, UK

2016     The Harry G. Day Lecture, University of Indiana, USA 

2016     The Torbern Bergman Award Lecture, Umea, Sweden

2016     The Chemistry Anniversary Lecture, University of York, UK

2016     The Royal Institution Discourse, London, UK

2015     The Amgen Lecture, Shanghai, China

2015     The Havinga Medal Lecture, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015     The Irving O Shoichet Lecture, Toronto, Canada

2015     The 2015 Rodney Porter Lecture, Oxford, UK

2015     The L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award Lecture, Sorbonne, Paris, France

2015     The Hobart H. Willard Memorial Lecture, University of Michigan, USA

2014     The Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Award Lecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014     The Daniell Lecture, Kings College London, UK

2014     The Evans Award Lecture, The Ohio State University, USA 

2014     The Cornforth Lecture, University of Sussex, UK

2014     The Thomson Medal Award Lecture, Geneva, Switzerland

2014     The Birch Lecture, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

2014     The Ruth and Eddie Hughes Lecture, California Institute of Technology, USA

2014     The Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture, Oxford, UK

2014     The Burger Lecture, University of Virginia, USA

2013     The Charles E. Dohme Memorial Symposium 2013, Baltimore, USA

2013     The Krebs Lecture, University of Sheffield, UK

2013     The Anatrace Membrane Protein Award Lecture, Philadelphia, USA

2013     The Medawar Lecture, MRC Mill Hill, London, UK

2013     The Clapp Lectures, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA

2013     The Medawar Lecture, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK

2012     The Randall Lecture, Kings College, London, UK

2012     The Dewar Lecture, Queen Mary University, London, UK

2012     The DeLuca lecture, University of California San Diego, USA

2012     The Carlson Lecture, John Hopkins University, USA

2012     EMBL Distinguished Scientist Lecture, Heidelberg, Germany

2012     Alex Hopkins Memorial Lecture, Cambridge, UK

2012     Women in Science, Engineering & Technology Initiative Lecture, Cambridge

2011     Van’t Hoff Award Lecture, The Royal Academy of Dutch Scientists

2011     Sarkar Lecture, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

2010     Maud Menten Lecture, The University of Western Ontario, Canada

2010     Maurice Wilkins Lecture, University of Auckland, New Zealand

2010     MacColl Lecture BMSS, Cardiff, UK

L’Oréal - UNESCO For Women In Science European Laureate



Prof. Dame Carol Robinson - Honorary Doctorate Recipient at BGU's 48th Board of Governors Meeting